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Road Grill

In each episode, Matt Dunigan and his Team set up their giant barbecue road show at a new location and event, bringing love, laughs and great food to people enjoying summertime outdoors. Shot before a live enthusiastic (and hungry!) audience, Matt show us the simple secrets and techniques of great barbecue.


Matt Dunigan

Above all else, Matt Dunigan is a family guy. Nothing is more important to him than his wife Kathy and his 3 kids (Dane, Madison & Dolan). After that, Matt’s a Football Legend, a Television Ubiquity and a Barbecue God.

Born in Ohio, the Dunigan family moved to Dallas when Matt was 6 years old where he quickly learned that Texans are fanatic about 2 things: football and barbecue. And so Matt Dunigan’s path in life was set.

“When you grow up in Texas and Louisiana, you get a serious education in barbecue…its how everyone cooks all the time and they get pretty pernickety about barbecue do’s and don’ts. Down there of course its pretty much all slow cooking over low heat. Little did I know barbecue would be such a big part of my life down the road.”