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Nigel Slater’s Simple Cooking Christmas

Nigel Slater presents a nostalgic celebration of well-loved Christmas dishes, past and present. From a sea bass starter to a roast duck feast and a dazzling party trifle, Nigel demonstrates how special dishes can be made simply, especially when it comes to feeding family and friends over Christmas.


Nigel Slater

- Host

Nigel Slater is not a celebrity chef–or at least that’s what he tells people.

Slater has never had any formal culinary training. Despite that, he has gone on to become not only an award-winning author, but also a star, featuring in several different television series. His policy of cooking handcrafted, home-style meals comes from his roots as an amateur cook and his love for sharing food.

Slater was born in Wolverhampton, England and has had a lengthy career as both a food author and television personality. His award-winning memoir, Toast: The Story of a Boy’s Hunger, has won international recognition and has also been adapted into a film, but his true passion lies in the kitchen.

Unlike most celebrity chefs, Slater’s feels a strong connection to “old fashioned” food. And every dish he makes represents his unique culinary inspirations.

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