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Nigel Slater’s Christmas Supper

Nigel Slater offers delicious recipe ideas for the festive period. Discover how to turn Christmas Day leftovers into mouthwatering meals and get the best out of seasonal vegetables in this easy-to-follow guide.


Nigel Slater

- Host

Nigel Slater is not a celebrity chef–or at least that’s what he tells people.

Slater has never had any formal culinary training. Despite that, he has gone on to become not only an award-winning author, but also a star, featuring in several different television series. His policy of cooking handcrafted, home-style meals comes from his roots as an amateur cook and his love for sharing food.

Slater was born in Wolverhampton, England and has had a lengthy career as both a food author and television personality. His award-winning memoir, Toast: The Story of a Boy’s Hunger, has won international recognition and has also been adapted into a film, but his true passion lies in the kitchen.

Unlike most celebrity chefs, Slater’s feels a strong connection to “old fashioned” food. And every dish he makes represents his unique culinary inspirations.

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