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MasterChef Canada: All-Star Family Edition

In MasterChef Canada: All-Star Family Edition, four MasterChef Canada champions are joined by their families to compete in increasingly difficult culinary challenges: the Better-Half Skills Race, the Mother and Child Mystery Box, the Bossy Sibling Coaching Challenge, and the Family Feast Team Cook. Returning to the MasterChef Canada Kitchen are Season 1 winner Eric Chong, Season 2 winner David Jorge, Season 3 winner Mary Berg, and MasterChef Canada: A Holiday Special winner Pino DiCerbo. Over the course of the two-hour CTV Original Special, judges Michael Bonacini, Alvin Leung, and Claudio Aprile will serve up the four nail-biting challenges, and decide which teams face elimination and which ones move forward. Select family members will compete alongside Eric, David, Mary, and Pino, as they work to impress the judges with their creativity and skill. The family who cooks their way to victory will win the first MasterChef Canada: All-Star Family Edition and $10,000 for their chosen charity.