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Junk Brothers

Saturdays at 6 a.m. ET

Junk Brothers is a 13 part, fast-paced television series that follows the adventures of two brothers and their junk to funk furniture transformations. In each episode our hosts Jim and Steve Kelley stealthily save curbside castoff furniture from the refuse bin under cover of the night. They whisk the items away to their workshop and transform the trash into incredible pieces of furniture that maintain at least a hint of their former battered selves. Once complete, our dynamic duo silently returns the restored pieces to their original homes and watch as the homeowners are dazzled and mystified at the surprise restoration before them.


Jim and Steve Kelley

Furniture has been at the core of everything in Jim and Steve’s life for twenty years. “Some of our best memories growing up came from experiments in our shop, working along with some of the best craftsmen in the furniture trade,” report the brothers.

Today, the Kelley family owns and runs a furniture restoration business, where they put their enthusiasm and respect for all kinds of furniture to work. Until recently, Jim and Steve worked in the family business and enjoyed every minute of it.

When it comes to working so closely as brothers – both Jim and Steve concede that it has its challenging moments. “At the end of the day, we respect our differences in style and our individual talents. The combination of two great craftsmen with different tastes – one contemporary the other old world traditional – usually leads to some incredible creations that we are equally proud and amazed at. We do good work!”