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Gok’s Chinese Takeaway

Gok Wan harbours a secret wish: within the next few years he wants to buy his father’s take-away restaurant and turn it into something of his own, serving fusion-Chinese food with pizzazz. However, to fulfill that dream, Gok first has to get past his father, an immigrant from Hong Kong and a purist in Chinese cuisine. Having grown up in the only Asian family on his street, Gok believes that there is more to modern Chinese food than his fathers’ rigid vision.

Keen to know how other Chinese communities around the world use food as an identity and how these culinary memories morph and change over time in different cultural contexts, he sets out on a journey to cities in Europe, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean, where he shares family stories and recipes passed down through the generations.


Gok Wan

Gok Wan, a British TV presenter and fashion star, grew up in Leicester, England. He started cooking at his family’s Chinese restaurant from an early age, which gave him a strong appreciation for cooking.