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Dog Tales Rescue

Dog Tales Rescue

Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET

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Dog Tales Rescue follows the day-to-day operation of Dog Tales Rescue and Horse Sanctuary, an animal rescue and horse sanctuary in King City, Ont.

Located on 50 acres just north of Toronto, Dog Tales Rescue and Horse Sanctuary is a one of a kind, luxury animal rescue specializing in dogs and horses from Canada and all over the world. Operating for five years, founders and married couple Danielle Eden-Scheinberg and Rob Scheinberg, along with over 50 staff, tirelessly care for the dogs, horses, sheep, pigs, ducks and chickens living on this beautiful farm. They provide whatever care is needed in order to find the dogs their forever home; and for all of the other animals, a lifetime of comfort and stability at this beautiful sanctuary.


Dog Tales Rescue

Danielle and Rob

- Expert

Dog Tales Rescue and Horse Sanctuary co-founders Danielle Eden-Scheinberg and Rob Scheinberg are life-long animal lovers who have designed a truly unique animal rescue and horse sanctuary that gives neglected and elderly animals a special place to rest and recover. Passionate and determined, Danielle and Rob have devoted their entire lives to rescuing animals in need and finding them forever homes. Together they have invested a significant amount of time and money into their rescue and oversee the entire operation. While Rob is just as invested in the success of the animals, Danielle is the one who has the final say on all adoptions.

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