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Ben’s Menu

Ben’s Menu is an exciting foodie series hosted by Masterchef favourite, Ben Milbourne.
Filmed at Ben’s picturesque farmhouse in northwest Tasmania, Ben’s Menu unearths Australia’s best produce to create dishes that’ll make your mouth water.
Ben cooks with friends and family, shares his most cherished recipes, and all the cooking tips he’s picked up on his journey from high school teacher to acclaimed cook.



Ben Milbourne

Cooking has always been a passion for Ben, but cooking wasn’t where Ben headed initially with his career; teaching beckoned. “I used to use food to teach chemistry, there are just over 100 elements on the periodic table, that is your pantry, and with that we have built the world around us. There are thousand of ingredients in the world of food, imagine the things we can create with that, some just like the world of chemistry won’t go together but some will create flavours and textures that make life worth living.”

Masterchef Season 4 was a turning point for Ben and his passion for food. The experience allowed him to refine his skills, immerse himself in food and be taught by some of the most experienced chefs in the business. Since the show, opportunities to continue working with food has been widespread with Ben appearing on national morning breakfast shows, guest appearances on ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’ and ‘Everyday Gourmet’.

Ben’s personality and down to Earth approach has made him popular with people of all ages.

“My food style is simple; take ingredients and recipes that will bring people together, combine them in a way that is interesting but achievable. Above all cook it because you love it. You have to fall in love with the process. The process of discovering the ingredients, developing the idea, creating the dish, sharing the flavour and discussing the outcome; this is what food is all about”.