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Fish the Dish

Fridays at 9:30 p.m. ET

Fish the Dish is a playful and delicious half hour of television that follows Chef Spencer Watts as he cooks up some of his favourite seafood dishes in preparation for his new cookbook all about fish. His animated, high-energy personality shines through as he makes accessible, tasty recipes with sustainable fish and shellfish.
Showing us just how fast, easy and fun fish recipes are to make, Spencer enthusiastically plates up four unique seafood dishes in each episode.

With a focus on beautiful, mouth-watering food and photography, Fish the Dish covers recipes for any occasion, using a wide assortment of ingredients, cooking techniques and themes. Each episode features one fish (such as salmon, halibut or trout) and one shellfish (such as lobster, scallops or oysters) done two ways each while focusing on a specific theme such as butter, citrus, or spice. The result? Meals that taste and look gourmet but that are actually quick, easy, and fun to make!
With Spencer, you won’t have to travel to the coast to get good seafood, you’ll be able to make it at home and enjoy every delicious bite.


Spencer Watts

- Host

Spencer Watts says cooking is the great love of his life. Growing up on the lower mainland of British Columbia, Spencer was inspired by the vast array of fresh local ingredients available. He started cooking and entering culinary competitions in high school, which ignited a passion for cooking. After graduation, he enrolled at the Pacifc Institute of Culinary Arts in Vancouver. He then quickly progressed through the ranks at The Westin Grand and C restaurant, while training with some of the best local talent in the culinary scene.

After a couple of years as a restaurateur, Spencer started his own cooking show called Coast Cooking with Spence, which aired on a local cable channel and allowed him to share his talents with others.

Spencer is presently enjoying life in Vancouver while working on his cookbook and promoting sustainable seafood.

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